Posted by: maxbeattie | August 9, 2008

Marudi, Marudi, So close yet so far

Well the four of us Rick Cole, Ant, Richard B, and myself, had another go last Saturday at trying to get to Marudi in Sarawak via the Labi Road Logging tracks through to the Brunei interior. and past the border But it’s looks pretty certain that Ken maybe right and it cant be done by bike. (No such word as Can’t)

The preparation was good, a few weeks back I did a trip in with Andy Shaw and the track was perfect, no rain for a couple of days before made the ride easy and an absolute hoot. This allowed us to get to the very end of the trail and I got the gps route right up to the border. The down side was it was fkin hotter than fkin hot thing on heat! which meant we weren’t fit enough to go bush walk to try and pick up any trail that may lead to the Sarawak side. We were also not sure if we had enough fuel to get back if it started to rain and we ended up having to ride back in a mud myer. As it turned out it didn’t rain but Andy ‘hippopotomus’ Shaw went for a wallow anyways.

Sorry guy’s my waffle will have to wait, got to go and keep ‘richard no mates’ company and drink some beer. promise to finish the story off and add photo’s soon……


‘Walter’ add some photos and do the SA write up you light weight.

Back home again… three slices of toast, a cup of teaa…. off to bed


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