This site is for all those interested in dirt bikes and specifically setup for those riding in the fine jungle we have on our doorstep here in Brunei. Stop by submit a post, comment, picture, or anything you feel is relevant to the site.

If you are looking for tips and help – try Thumpertalk. On the other hand, if you’ve got a 2-stroke, its probably not the place to look



  1. Hi, it looks very much like I will be moving to Brunei in August/September.

    I have been looking for bike-related info, but all I can find is sportsbike/Harley stuff. Finding you guys is a revelation!

    I would appreciate any help about dirt biking in Brunei/Borneo – I am not looking for motocross, more your XT250/DR400 sort of dirt bike. But any advice form those on the ground would be appreciated 🙂

    My background is – fat and 50 – nearly 37 years biking – all sorts, dirt, road, racing… ridden near every day of my life. Currently in the UK, but a Kiwi by extraction. Current weapons are BMW K1200, Ducati Monster, Aprilia Pegaso, Piaggio MP3.

    If someone wants to email me at zootalaws at me.com I would love to get some on-the-ground info and tips.

    Cheers and keep the rubber side down,


    • Mate, I’m heading the other way to Holland in August. Most likely shipping my bikes (KTM690 Enduro R & Yamaha YZ450) back that way. KTM dealer here in Brunei as well as Kawasaki and from memory a man that sells Suzuki’s; so a DR may be possible (seem to recall he only had the SuperMoto versions though). Few boys still staying here with bikes and riding. Where will you be staying/working here?

      • No idea yet – paperwork comes through end of next week. My wife is a teacher, she hasn’t finished signing the contract yet, but unless they want to place me in slavery, it’s a done deal.

        What are second hand prices like? I looked on the Brunei Classifieds web (run by Shell?) but it was all sports bikes and scoooters/125s.

        I was thinking about bringing my wife’s Piaggio MP3, but with the prospect of 20% tax on an amount arbitrarily decided on by Customs, I am less inclined. In theory, it is worth US$9,000, although I only paid £2200 for it. £800 to ship and US$1800 in import duty would make it a non-starter.

        The KTM 300/400/450 look nice, but I am sure they are a nice price… I don’t want something state-of-the-art and new, I am looking for something to pootle round the bush, dirt roads, etc. I am more into photography these days than enduro 🙂

  2. Where is the best place to buy enduro or rallies in Brunei/Bandar?

    • Hugo,
      Sorry – just saw this now. Guess you are sorted by now. In the past, we simply asked Mr Liew at the Yamaha shop in Bandar to import ours. Takes a while, but has sourced my WR450, YZ450, and KTM690.


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