Posted by: jsan40 | February 15, 2010


We had a very dusty ride to Sukang today. There is a fair and good gravel road all the way up there, so we found out. We first missed the turn to Sukang and turned around to take the “old” road we know. The road was in bad shape and we were happy it had not rained for a while. In Sukang we checked the GPS and found out that we almost made a circle. Took a side road on our way back and found the “new” gravel road again. We had been only a few kilometers off Sukang at first. Anyway we had fun.

Ron and Richard were impressed by the maps I brought. Found them on the Brunei Government Survey side. Have a look yourself. (Once in, click on maps on the left.) You can buy maps as well at there office in Berakas. Did not have a look myself, but might try it later.

See you later, Jan Sanders.



  1. hi…
    we are the same club as your in medan, sumatera, indonesia.
    wish to invite you all to our land and try our challanging nature.
    next october we will have a grand touring around lake toba.
    how could i send you the invitation?

    • TJ, sounds really good. Unfortunately a few of us will no longer be in the region and unable to attend. Please feel free to post details of the event here on the site. You can login and create a new post. I’ll edit/approve it and it’ll be here for all to see.

  2. Hi.. im from philippines..but im here now in Brunei working as architect..Im a motocross rider. I hope u can organised a Motocross Race here in Brunei,i love to help,and i can invite some of Team mates from philippines. U can message me in my facebook,i have some pix and videos.. Thank you and Godbless!

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