Posted by: yz450rjb | August 9, 2008

South Africa Trip

Okay, so the write up is a bit late and I’ve probably forgotten most of what we did, but the great memories remain. Here is a brief summary of the adventure.

The trip started with Ant, Max & Rich heading off over the border to Miri to start the lengthy journey to the tours start. A few surprises at the airport, when they wanted to charge us large sums of cash for the excess weight. Some cunning Scottish skills from Max ensured that we repacked and managed to get on board without a penny being paid. A quick stop (well, a few hours) in KL and the boys were well on their way to missing the flight to South Africa. Luckily, we managed to stay sober enough to get a cab and make it to the airport in time. Ant didn’t quite get to see the Proton do 180km/h!

Many hours later, we touched down in Johannesburg, only to find they didn’t serve beer at 08h00! Damn shame! What are they going to do when all the boys turn up in 2010 for the Football World Cup. On to Cape Town where Dave met us at the airport. By now, Neil and Andy were about ready to take their comfortable Singapore Airlines flight and meet up with us a day later in East London. On to Dave’s to repack our gear for the week and get some refreshments. Max got introduced to biltong, or ‘roadkill’ as he termed it. A few mouthfuls later, I could barely keep the bugger from eating it all. The weather was not looking good, with rain on the way and looking like it was heading all the way up the coast. An early start and off we went in Dave’s bus headed for East London. It was raining when we left and rained the whole way to East London, with little let up. We finally met up with Neil and Andy at the ?? Hotel, where they had settled in to watch the Welsh get stuffed by the Springboks. Needless to say that after their hours in the bar and supping the local brew, they were well on their way. Next stop, Morgan Bay for a few more beers, some food and a few hours of shut eye.

The Ride – Day 1
Mike and Dwayne arrived with a trailer full of KTM’s in the morning. A quick rider brief warning of the impending ride, hazards of dogs (Max obviously wasn’t paying attention) and the signing of the usual disclaimers ensued. The weather had held up a bit and the rain stopped, but it was still grey and a bit ominous. The ride to the ferry through town was pretty easy going (the last easy going ride, mind you). Despite warnings of how slippery the deck of the ferry was, Andy still managed to fall over. A sign of things to come, perhaps. Not long after we rode off the ferry, the real riding started. Andy fell over a few more times. Bloody good chap for allowing it all to be captured on camera. Going was wet and a bit slippery, but the rain was holding. It was here we met the gorge. A real bugger to get down in the wet (think I tucked a front wheel in once or three times). Ant was being his usual self, sucking up anything and everything that came his way. Mike gleefully informed us that we would be heading back up the gorge on the way back. Something few of us were looking forward to, especially if it was going to be wet. Refuge was sought under a tree for a while to allow the last of the rain to drizzle down. From here it was on to Kob Inn. Max decided to play cat and mouse with a dog, only to have the dog win. A few damages, and some large bruises to his body resulted. The dog, according to one of the locals, ‘would either be alive in the morning, or not’. I’m sure I saw the dog smiling and wagging his tail. Kob Inn arrived not a minute too soon. The boys were a bit weary, hungry and a little thirsty. Luckily Big Mike is well know, so there was no cleaning up before hitting the bar. Max was on his meds after the fall, so we had to drink his share of beer and Captain & Coke. Some grub and a warm shower (hang on, it was a f!@#$ing cold shower) and we were ready for some sleep. I believe it was here that Andy discovered the healing properties of ‘Blue Steel’. Dave very kindly worked on getting the video footage and pics onto his computer and commented on how many times Andy had fallen off. A quick discussion followed on the merits of a WR lowering kit…

The Ride – Day2
We awoke to a beautiful day. Blue skies, dolphins, whales, sardines running and egrets diving into the water. The view from the Kob Inn is magic. Almost a pity we had to leave. Breakfast was a welcome treat (the water was still cold) and we made sure we filled our bellies (can’t trust Mike on when the next meal might be;). From here it would be on to Shixini Point and to meet Dwayne with rations and spares (if needed) and fuel at the Bashee River. It all started off quite well, until I decided to take hit a hill, 3rd gear pinned and pick a line between two rocks. A real pity there was another rock hidden between these two that stopped my front wheel rather nicely. It really is not a pleasant feeling flying through the air, rolling up a hill and seeing a KTM heading striaght for you. A bit of damaged pride, bruised/fractured ribs and Dave asking me ‘what the hell was that’ saw me back on the bike. Needless to say, the fun was no longer a whole lot of fun. Just as well adrenalin kicks in an seems to kill pain quite well (not to mention a couple of myprodols!). The rest of the morning ride was fantastic and the scenery equally grand. Dwayne was waiting patiently at the Bashee where we tucked into some lunch and were entertained by some of the local school kids (who never seem to be in school). Each time they heard a vehicle, they darted off in all directions into the buch, hoping not to get caught out. Bikes were treated to some fuel, adjustments, new levers or whatever they needed. Neil, Max, Andy & Ant then headed off through the Haven Reserve for a short but heavy going ride to the Xora Beach House, whilst I decided it wise to follow Dwayne on the pass to the house. Not sure which was worse. Luckily, Dwayne had some liquid painkillers that quenched my thirst equally, while we waited for the others to arrive. It was after sundown when we saw the first sign of the group. Obviously things had taken a bit longer than planned, or Mike had found a ‘shortcut’. With the chiken on the braai and some superb freshly baked bread, the boys were in good spirits. The Captain was broken out and administered some pain relief to those in need (sorry Max, another night on water and cokes for you). By now, the ribs were hurting nicely and Andy didn’t help by cracking jokes throughout the evening. Cleggie could not be persuaded to suck down another Captain, so it was left to Mike, Dave & myself to take care of business. Not too sure it was that wise given we another day ahead (but Mike assured me ‘it is the best riding in the world – green rolling hills’)

….to be continued



  1. Bring on the photo’s from your Sth africa trip!!!! We all want to see. Watty

  2. Updated the site a bit. Added a section titled “Photographs” and removed the “Blogroll” section. This site can’t take the volume of pics, so storing them on another site.

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