Posted by: yz450rjb | September 9, 2008

Dangers of our Sport…

Some bad news, we have one of our newer riders injured. I don’t believe that any of you need reminding about the potential dangers. None of us likes getting hurt particularly, or seeing each other get hurt. Aside from ruining a good day, the recovery time really gets in the way of having fun.

So, a few reminders might not go astray:

  • Dress for the wreck and not for the ride – protective gear serves a purpose, use it.
  • Don’t go riding alone – if you get into trouble, it could be fatal.
  • Ride within your abilities and in line with the conditions – just because you’ve seen David Knight or Ricky Carmichael ride, doesn’t mean you can ride like them.
  • Inform someone where you are going riding and give them an estimate of when you expect to return.
  • Carry identification and contact numbers – when you are badly concussed, you might not remember your own name.
  • Respect out neighbours – we are very privileged here and have little restrictions on riding areas. Don’t be the idiot that ruins it for everyone.
  • Look well ahead – if you don’t know what is up ahead, you’re better off slowing down to a safe speed.
  • Check out the following from the MSF for some more tips/hints.
  • …in short, don’t be an arse and use your melon!

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