Posted by: yz450rjb | April 5, 2008

2007 WR450 For Sale

Due to buyer pulling out of sale, my WR is up for sale again. Well looked after (usual scuffs from riding offroad). According to some, it must be in great condition (as its never been in 4th gear ;). Compared to Max’s; its brand new! All usual WR450 mods done to improve performance, etc. Well lubed/greased/serviced. Oil changed every 3 to 5 hours. Spare airfilters and some extra oil filters. Around 40 hours use/1700kms. One of only 2 in Brunei and road legal. All this for the bargain price of B$12,000 ($5,000 below what they are new, if Liew can even get one!). Call me 814-1939. Nobody?


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