Posted by: ants450 | February 16, 2008

Hey guys and girls! Next weekend I am free for the whole weekend (23rd and 24th)and would love to hit the jungle if anyone keen for a spin?? Also if you know anyone that needs to get out of the house and they don’t have a bike remember I have a spare one at home they can grab. Ok that’s it from me so give us a yell. 




  1. I’d like to get out on the trails. Saturday may be a heavy-head day though.

  2. stuffed for a couple of weekends yet…. but off to to drive to Marudi tomorrow to suss the route out for a later trip. My first free weekend will be March 15/16th. Marudi? Melias? Somewhere up your end Ken!!?


  3. or Lecht over to Grantown on Spey, Craigellachie for a dram and back around – I still have some miles to get on before it gets seviced next week. Scottish Bike show this weekend – and I have the RC8 booked when my beastie is in for a service


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