Posted by: yz450rjb | December 11, 2007

Labi Road…or the road not to Marudi

Well, weekend ride was on, despite the conditions. Mad Max has got a story or two to write, so we’ll wait for his update. In the mean time, pictures have been updated. Full set of from the infamous Kampong Sukang & Kampong Melilas, as well as some from the Labi road ride (just missing Bengi’s pics). Check out the links in the ‘Blogroll’. Once again – cheers to Richard for driving recovery (despite him having to be rescued by the bikers!!), as well as Rachael & Bengi for keeping him company and taking the photographs.



  1. Well what can I say? ‘Fuel and Mud’ not enough off one and an excess of the other! We lost the pleasures of the support truck early on at the 10k mark the ruts were just too deep for our crew, especially down in the dips where it got stuck. Myself and Ant went on, enjoying the slithery stuff but I took a wrong turn which came to a dead end. Still with my lungs heaving and fore arms punped it was a nice spot to have me ham and mustard sarnies in the shade of some bush. Even offered to share my smoked sausage with Ant but the kiwi wasn’t impressed by the shape, tasty or not!
    What wasn’t so good was returning back to the bike finding it pissing out fuel cos I’d left the fuel tap on. The stand had sunk into the mud and fallen over. It was painfuel to see litres of fuel trickling down the hill forming little pudlles and no fu**ing match. So we ended up turning back. This is where Ant lost his ‘Motocross God’ status and became a normal average rider like rest of us! Three times the mud had him, gripping his bike and flinging him off. For a change I was able to return the favour of picking his bike up.
    So then it was to plan B, and what a kin good one that was. Back to Roy’s house for Large Cold bottles of Grolsch and Magners, lounging in the pool shooting the shit, then a curry.

    Life is good.


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