Posted by: maxbeattie | November 29, 2007

Ride – Sunday 9th December

Next Ride Sunday the 9th Dec along the logging trail at the far end of Labi Road. The aim is to find a route through to the border and meet up with the logging tracks in Sarawak. See google earth picture on previous post with the blue trail. At this time of year chances are slim and the ride will most probably be man and machine v’s Mud, so plan for a long day out and either way it it will be a good one!
So far we have myself, Roy and Ken signed up hope others can make it?


  1. Think you can count me in for the ride too. Might see what we can do about another recovery driver/photographer – had offers from a few folks

  2. On Friday the 31st I went for an aerial recce of that area…. it looks and will be absolutly fantastic. From where I stopped last time I was only 500m short of meeting a bigger logging trail which heads down to a large log bridge then sweeps back up to the higher ridge lines along the border. If you look on Google Earth as you can see from there it just opens up into a labrynth of tracks and trails with stunning panoramic views of Mulu and Marudi to south and south east.
    To get the best from this ride we will need fuel back up for the return leg and an early start. If anyone is keen enough (me!) you could quite easily ride all the way to Marudi. (Have a beer! refuel and ride home)


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