Posted by: yz450rjb | November 28, 2007

Fire Tower trail

Well, this weekend was a bit of a washout. Not too many keen to go riding (or more correctly not many around to go riding). As it happened, just 2 of us went out on Sunday for a short ride. It was shortened even further due to the fact that the back road into the sawmill area had been washed away, or the only remaining piece was completely closed off by rattan that had fallen across the trail. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting the barbs/thorns from this plant, it is most unpleasant. Has been known to catch and pull a man right off his bike…and a big man at that too (yes, you know who you are)! We’ll have to venture in next time with some heavy gloves, a parang or chainsaw (Ant – where are you??). If we get much more rain, the other trails will get further washed away. As it stand now, some are not passable. We could also take some spades in and fill in some of the washed away sections. This would give us just enough to get by. This coming weekend will be a quiet one on the riding front. St. Andrews night on Saturday pretty much rules out any people capable of holding a bike up straight enough on the Sunday. Till next time

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