Posted by: yz450rjb | November 13, 2007

Tutong MX Track

Okay folks – on heading out to the airport, I noticed that the MX track in Tutong is starting to look a little overgrown. No idea what the rest of the track looked like, but the large table top certainly had a good growth of foliage. I’m guessing the rest of the track is in the same or worse state. That leaves us with a few options:-

1. Let it continue to fall into a state of disrepair and wait for the next Brunei National MX event.
2. Get our bikes out there and ride the track on a regular basis to keep growth to a minimum.
3. Hire a team of grass cutters to get out there and clean it up.
4. Get ADDAnt out there with some tools to sort it out

I figure option 2 is the best. The downside is that we are in the wet season, good chance the place is pretty well flooded on occassion, riding time from now until the new year is somewhat limited. Lets try and work out sometime to at least go down and take a look. If anyone has an opportunity to stop by and take a closer look, please post an update as to its current state.


  1. Hey there everyone! had a look and track is a bloody mess but only needs a grass cut, I know you guys are a bunch of lazy beer drinking so and so but I did call in to see how much grass cutter equipment cost at Y.C auto, they $200 a peice so guess we hire guys to do then? I can pick up a couple of machines if we go the other way, Jason very keen to get up there and cut grass. anyway as you know a few rounds in the jeep will flatten anyway. hmm this Saturday for a spin?? anyone?? any victims?? Hey Richard where the hell is the spell check button??

  2. Well, I’m pretty much out of luck on the riding front this weekend, as I’ll still be in Holland. By the way – take a look at – round 2 of a beach race on this Saturday. 500 starters, only 1 will finish! Should be good to see – too bad I didn’t bring my camera with. Think that bugger Max still has it, if he hasn’t sold it! Suggest we rig up a grass cutter to the back of the jeep and drag that around the track a few times. On the other hand, Jason could do with the exercise and fitness training, so he can do it by hand 😉

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