Posted by: yz450rjb | October 28, 2007

Weekend ride – Tasik Merimbun, Piss Stop, Kpg. Sukang & Kpg. Melilas (28-Oct-2007)

Hey guys and girls!

Last weekend’s ride was fantastic. We all had a great time in the jungle especially that road with a bit of speed – was like a roller coaster.

Saturday night was a bit of a disaster though as my little Jeep let me down and everyone at the cabin was getting very worried….. about their bloody pots and pans I had so they could cook dinner!! So after a while they sent a search party so they could eat!!! Thanks guys, glad you missed me!! So dinner was shite, but we had a real good breakfast!!

The next morning I woke up to very bad sounds followed by very bad smells, nude bodies and singing but it was great because no one gave a toss!!

[editor – censored to protect some ‘dumbass’ from public ridicule ;)]

We then went for our ride in some jungle somewhere that led us till lunch time to a little village [Kpg. Sukang] by the river. So we parked up and talked shite for a while and watched two little boys playing with some cheap overpowered Chinese fireworks. A nice we spot to relax and refuel our bodies and bikes to go to the next stage of our journey.

The next stage of our journey was short for someone, should I mention names? Hell Yes – Roy!! Roy got a flat tyre but was told that there were levers in my tool box but guess his ears were full of wax and he did not hear so he put his bike on the truck right beside the tool box with the tyre levers!! What would you do if you had seen a tool box on a support vehicle? But anyway thanks to the Cricket Club’s cooler box we put his bike up on it and fixed it. And mine too, as I got one on the way back from the long house at Kpg. Melilas!

Anyway, it was great ride with a good bunch of guys and I would like to give a special thanks to the two Richards – for dealing with our cabin and keys and other bits and pieces and also for keeping us alive by driving the supply truck and job well done. Thanks to Ellie for keeping him company (we couldn’t have made it without the support crew!), and the guys that made the long journey from Bandar. A big thanks to the woman with no teeth as it kept our conversation going on Saturday night!

Right favour time!! We need some sort of website now [done – this is it] as I am getting lots of interest and have more names that you guys don’t see, etc. I would like something that everyone can put their ideas and things to do so none of us miss out. I now have over 20 names and emails, so could someone help [quit whining – its done!]? Also Jan wants a copy of the DVD on how to improve your riding etc so could someone burn a copy for me as the original is still in Bandar [can do].

Map of Routes Travelled

[the original text from Ant aka ADD Ant has been edited – bloody Kiwi’s can’t speak English!]


  1. Good write up guys. Hope to do a follow up ride to Melilas this month. Looking at 25th Nov at this point

  2. Garry,
    Having not yet made it all the way to Melilas, its a pity you plan to visit on the 25th as I will be sunning myself in the UK.

  3. Enjoyed your site and photos, look forward to seeing more. – Couldn’t see an Ant on wheels!?! Do I dare to ask what the ADD stands for?!? Bloody Kiwis speaky the Englishy ok tis the written word that can confuse that’s why there is Editors!! Keep up the good work folks and stay safe.

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